RCC June 2013 Newsletter

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Feed My Starving Children


This is open to the first 80 Special Olympic athletes and RCC members. This is not a RCC event,  Special Olympics event, nor is it a religious event.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is hosting their state Youth Conference and want to have a fun day the special needs community!  

Marcia Miller and I will be there to help out.

When:  June 20, 2013
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
(Parents are welcome to stay as well.)
Where: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Address:   20850 East Mainstreet, Parker, CO 80138
Please e-mail us the following information for the participants to rexrhondagriffin@gmail.com.  Please email Rhonda if you have any questions.

RSVP:  NEED INFORMATION BY June 2, 2013.  Complete the information below.
Name:                                     Nickname if preferred:
Any diet or physical limits we need to be aware of:
Emergency Contact Person:
Emergency Contact Number:
T-shirt size:
To help get conversations started, please share any other info you'd like us to know, such as favorite pet, sport involvement, things you like to do, recent vacation, etc. We would like to know as much as we can about each participant.  If you have a picture you can send we would love that as well.
Feel free to send questions to Rhonda at rexrhondagriffin@gmail.com.
Looking forward to a fun day!
Sponsored by Parker South Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – Youth Conference.  We will have plenty of adult supervision as well.

June Dinner Meeting-Location/Time Change
Tuesday, June 18
Time: 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Community Service Project for Special Need Teens & Adults to give back to their Community

Place: Parker United Methodist Church
11805 South Pine Drive
Parker, CO  80134

Cost:  FREE

RSVP:  kamieb1234@gmail.com

*  This project is open to teens and  adults with special need, friends, relatives and church members. 

*  We have 1,000 toy cars to assemble for Toys’s for God’s Kids.  We need lots of help! 
*  All the supplies will be furnished.

Toys allow for children to learn how to create, problem solve, share and socialize.  These toys will be sent around the world to give to children that don’t have toys.  This small wood toy is their comfort; it tells them someone cares, helps them forget their troubles, and puts them, if just for a brief moment, in a better place.  Toys For God’s Kids is not simply providing a toy, with your help, we are providing hope, and life altering experiences, one toy at a time! 

There is something for everyone to do!  We need YOU to come and help while having fun.

Contact Kam at kamieb1234@gmail.com to register or for questions.


The RCC Book Club just finished their second book.  Now they are wanting to write their own inspirational book.  If you do not wish to participate, that's fine.  We will not ask again.  We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to join in.  We hope our book will inspire others to  recognize how much the special need community has to offer.

Here's a sample page for our book:

I’m Kevin and am 21 years old.  I’m new to Colorado and wanted to join the Rotary Community Corps to meet other people and join a fun group.  Through RCC I have met all kinds of people.  Some are like me and some are very different.  I like everybody!  I like our meetings when we learn new stuff and meet new people.  I really like having new friends, being new out here!
My most favorite project was the Christmas shopping and wrapping party at Wal-Mart.  It was real cool buying presents for the little kids and wrapping them up.  That was just so cool!
I have Autism.  It is a total drag, but some of my coolest friends have autism too and we have fun!  I have been to a few of the dances and Prom-Us.  I’m not really a dance kinda guy, but they were ok.  I would really like to do the Police Academy someday!
When I first got here from California I missed all my old friends.  I didn’t know anybody here yet.  Now I have this big group of people and I’m not so lonely anymore.
I do like the RCC guest speakers because they teach us important stuff.  I like learning new things and sharing stories.  I’m always up for that.  Through RCC, I am learning about different people and what they are like.  I like helping little kids like people helped me a lot when I was little.  RCC has helped me learn about Rotary’s Service Above Self that it’s cool to help other people like they help you sometimes!  Now that I am a member of RCC, I feel I am being more responsible and am learning to pay attention to other people.
Parent comment:  Kevin has become more concerned about his own social skills and practices them more often.  He is paying more attention to others in conversation and actions.  I think that RCC has been a wonderful instrument in bringing our kids (young adults) together to socialize and teach community service.  It’s been a great opportunity for Kevin to hang out with people his age.
I’ve enjoyed watching Kevin evolve into a more social responsible you man.  He cares what people think about him.  He tries to portray himself in a positive light.  He’s better at expressing himself with peers.
July 20 - RCC Picnic and movie in the Park
NEW!  RCC now has information available on the Rotary Club of Parker Website.  Go to www.parkerrotary.org.  At the top of the Home Page you will see a tab for Rotary Community Corps.  Check it out!  As we get it set up, you will find pictures from our activities, our calendar, etc.  
Kam Breitenbach