As a fellowship and service organization, Parker Rotarians count on one another to contribute their time to weekly meetings, committee work, and service events. 100% attendance is urged and honored in Rotary. Try not only to attend all the meetings, but also to stay for the full program and give each speaker your complete attention.

Rotary International Attendance Requirements

These requirements are stated in the Rotary International Constitution. Failure to meet these attendance requirements will be considered a resignation that must be accepted by the Board of Directors.


1.  Attending 60% of the regular meetings of the local Rotary Club during a 6-month period with qualifying make-ups (make-ups count toward the 60%).


2.  Attending 30% of the regular meetings of the local Rotary Club during a 6-month period regardless of qualifying make-ups (make-ups do not count toward the 30%).


3.  Not being absent from four consecutive meetings of the regular weekly meeting of the local Rotary Club without a qualifying make-up (make-ups count) or PRIOR approval of the Board (leave of absence).


Local Club Attendance Procedures

Make-ups at another club can be done 14 days before or 14 days after a missed club meeting.


Each time a member attends a Committee meeting, a Club-sponsored function, Club-sponsored social function, or a Board meeting, he or she earns a make-up credit.


It will be the responsibility of each committee chair to be sure that attendance is reported to the Club Secretary.


It will be the responsibility of the Membership Committee Chair, the Membership Committee and the sponsor of the new member to acquaint the new member with these policies prior to being inducted into the Rotary Club of Parker.