The Rotary Club of Parker held their annual Veterans Program at Thursday's meeting.  Rotary Club of Parker members served in the Military included, 
US ARMY:  Lindy Blackburn, Jay Boscoe, Mike Endres, Carl Finamore, Randy Hill, Ben Martin, Bill Shriver, Steve Small and Ron Sorlien.  US NAVY: Bill Gripman, Bill Kelly, bob Satrom, Carl Hanson and Tom VanderHeiden.  US Air Force: Larry Brutlag, Irv Buck, Rick Chase, Hank Coll, Steve Gilbert, SScott Gough, Lew Million, Ron Saatjian and Wayne Wagener.  Rotarian Wayne Wagener not only served in the Air Force but also the US Marine Corps.  Rotarian Mike Endres welcomed all Veterans, Rotarians and Guests.  Rotarian Ben Martine served as Master of Ceremonies.
Rotarians Lindy Blackburn, Tom VanderHeiden andRon Saatijian told about their years in service.  Rotarian Deann Olson read a letter sent to her family from her father while when he served.