Our club's International Committee has been working over the past couple of months to identify sustainable international projects to support. They were working with the following criteria to identify projects:
  • A project should be sustainable
  • A project should be championed by a Rotary club; it should also have a local Rotary Club involved to supervise and coordinate
  • A project should, if possible, have District and Global Grant support so as to maximize our contribution and to follow Rotary International guidelines
  • A project contribution should directly benefit the local people for the long term.
The International Committee has organized and promoted several Zoom Meetings where representatives of other clubs presented the projects they champion. All this is in the spirit of Rotary International cooperation and networking.
Therefore, so far, our International Committee has decided to approve the following three projects:
  • A clean water & sanitation system in Cameroon (in partnership with the RC of Denver Southeast). This project will build a 3.5-mile piping system to move clean water from a spring to a nearby village, which now has only dirty and polluted well water.
  • A cold storage food processing unit & training in Nepal (in partnership with Denver Mile High RC). This project will install a cold-storage facility in a village in Nepal so that produce can be kept fresh up to 6 months and usable for both the village and for potential sales to other villages, generating some income for the local people.
  • Community mental health services & economic development in Uganda (in partnership with Denver Mile High RC). This project supports an emergency telephone network and expert training that provides support for mental health needs.
The  International Committee will continue to evaluate projects as they are proposed.