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Rotary Club of Parker
Visit from the Open World Delegation
The Rotary Club of Parker has the honor to have been selected and empowered by Rotary International to create and execute a professional program and to host an Open World delegation from the Republic of Georgia from June 7-15, 2019.  Open World is a bi-partisan initiative sponsored by the US Congress to establish business-cultural networking with Eastern post-Soviet Union countries.  Five professional delegates from the Republic of Georgia will participate in a program on the theme of “Rural Tourism,” proudly and professionally designed and arranged by our Rotary Club of Parker.
Members of the Rotary Club of Parker should make every effort to attend the following two events to welcome and learn from this delegation.  You must RSVP by Saturday, June 1, 2019 to attend these events.  RSVP to the Open World Chairman and program designer, Alvaro Pisoni, at pisoni@pisoni.com or 720-837-3394 (cell phone).
1)  Welcome dinner on Friday, June 7.  Time: 7:00 PM
All Rotarians and spouses are invited to meet the delegation at the residence of Glenn and Joan Petty (4505 Carefree Trail, Parker 80134). The theme of the evening will be “Cowboy/Cowgirl.”  Please wear Western-cowboy attire if you can!  The dinner will be potluck (Janice Beller will coordinate what to bring) and entertainment will be provided by Rotarians Steve Brown and Jim Muir.
2)  “Open World Day” Special Event on Thursday, June 13.  Time: 7:00 AM
On June 13, in lieu of our regular meeting we will have a special event totally dedicated to our official welcoming and presentations by the delegation and by Rotary International.  We will also learn about the country of Georgia.  This event will take place at the Conference Center at Boondocks Parker (18706 Cottonwood Drive, Parker 80138) and will include a breakfast buffet.  All people present will be charged $15.00 per person, which includes breakfast and the event set-up. Please invite interested family members and friends to attend this special event.
The delegation includes:
  • Elene Bukhaidze, co-founder of the Wine Tourism Association of Georgia
  • Lamara Mtchedliani, head of the Tourism Development Department for the city of Mestia, Georgia
  • Eduard Partsvania, Project Manager for the Destination Management Organization of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region, Georgia
  • Aleko Sardanashvill, founder and manager of Sardanashvili's Winery & Guest House
  • Miriani Tsintsadze, Mayor's Advisor for International Relations & Economic Development for the city of Baghdadi, Georgia.
The delegates will be accompanied and assisted by Gvantsa Abuladze, Travel Facilitator, Shalva Bibilashvili, Professional Interpreter from Washington D.C.  and Alvaro Pisoni, Open World Chairman and program designer from the Rotary Club of Parker.  
Highlights of the rural tourism program for the delegates include a presentation by the Colorado Tourist Office (part of the Colorado Office Of Economic Development and International Trade).  The delegation will also travel to key areas of Colorado to meet with groups such as Chambers of Commerce, hotel associations, guest ranches, wineries, breweries, and economic development authorities.  The delegates will visit Denver and the Rocky Mountains and will take part in several cultural and community activities
Founded in 1999 by the US Congress, the Open World Leadership Center maintains a vast network of more than 28,000 professionals and administrators in strategic countries in Eastern Europe. Open World supports legislative diplomacy efforts for Members of Congress by conducting exchanges that establish lasting professional relationships between emerging leaders and their US counterparts while being hosted by American families.
Some information on Georgia:
Georgia is a little smaller than South Carolina.  It is very mountainous, incorporating the Great Caucasus Mountains in the north and the Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the south.  The highest point is Mt'a Shkhara at 17,037 feet (compared to Colorado’s Mount Elbert at 14,433 feet); the mean elevation is 4700 feet above sea level (compared to Colorado at 6800 feet above sea level).
Tusheti region of NE Georgia
However, Georgia has something that Colorado does not – a coastline on the Black Sea:
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