The Rotary Club of Parker is grateful to the following businesses and individuals who support our service projects through their sponsorship.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, click here.



Sponsors of 2022 Parker Uncorked  


In addition to the sponsors shown above, the following members of the Rotary Club of Parker have contributed to the Foundation of the Rotary Club of Parker in support of our service projects:

    Ben Martin
  Anonymous   Doc Martin
  Ron & Jan Beller  
  Harold McCloud
  Kelly Birner
  Lew Million
  Jim Boyd
  Mike Oldham
  Steve Brown
  Dan O'Neill
  Chris Dominy
  Michele Schultz
  Alex Doyle
  Bill Shriver
  Sue Gardner    Steve Small
  Sue Garwood   Patricia Jo Stone
  Michael Graham-Hyde   Steve Trevino
  Tim Hayes   Kyle Winders