Duty Roster 

Members, click below to sign up on one of the current meeting Duty Rosters.  If you would like to view instructions on how to sign up on the online Duty Roster, click here.

July 2021

August 2021

September 2021

October 2021


Below are job descriptions for each of the tasks on the Duty Roster:

  • Front door greeter:  Arrive for the meeting at 6:30.  Welcome Rotarians and guests, direct them where to go.

  • Lead the Pledge/Four-Way Test: Lead the group in reciting either the Pledge of Allegiance or Rotary’s Four-Way Test

  • Inspiration:  Provide a brief inspirational message – 3 minutes maximum.  In keeping with Rotary’s policy, the message should be non-political and non-religious.

  • Rotary Minute: Provide a brief (1-3 minutes) informational message on Rotary – its history, vision, projects

  • Lead music:  Lead the group in song.  In keeping with Rotary’s policy, the song should be non-political and non-religious.

If you have any questions about any of the above tasks, please contact the Club Service Director, Mike Oldham (meoldham@msn.com)


Food/Beverage Tasks

  • Pick up coffee:  Pick up coffee and hot water from Dutch Bros (10365 S Parker Road, between Lincoln & Plaza on the west side of Parker Road). Pick up by 6:20 to be at library by 6:30. Pay with your personal credit card, save the receipt, and get reimbursed for the charge (approximately $45). There will be two cardboard containers of Americano coffee and one cardboard container of hot water along with 36 8-oz. cups and assorted creams and sweeteners.

  • Provide food:  Provide light food for the meeting, such as pastries, yogurt, fruit, cheese, bagels & cream cheese.  Must also include any serving/eating supplies that are needed, such as plates, napkins, spoons, small cups.  Plan for about 36 in attendance, not all of whom will eat.  Save your receipts – you can be reimbursed up to $50 per meeting.  Food has to be there at the meeting by 6:30.  We have NO food storage or preparation capabilities at the library, so do any preparations at home, and any leftover food/supplies have to go home with the provider

If you have any questions about the food/beverage tasks, please contact one of the Co-Sergeants-at-arms, Ron Saatjian or Deann Olson (ronsaatjian@comcast.net; cdrjgolson@comcast.net)