Rotary founder, Paul Harris, once declared, "I have no hesitation in saying that world peace could be achieved and made permanent if reared on Rotary's firm foundation of friendliness, tolerance, and usefulness." 
The aim of International Service is to develop and maintain friendly and peaceful relations in a troubled world and to assist those who are less fortunate.  Through this, Rotarians can reach across oceans and national boundaries to meet a multitude of humanitarian needs. 
The Rotary Club of Parker provides international service in three ways:
       First, we're privileged to serve locally through hosting foreign exchange students, foreign study groups, and other foreign teams. We arrange professional, cultural, and social events and seminars for these delegates and host them in our homes.  Some of these projects are conducted in collaboration with other District Clubs.
       Second, club members, whose schedules can accommodate, travel abroad to research new humanitarian projects, supervise projects we sponsor, perform volunteer on-site work, or deliver supplies.
       Third, our club, individual members, and local sponsors budget direct financial support for international humanitarian projects in a very needy world, primarily through the Rotary Foundation Matching Grant system.  A cornerstone of the International Service Programs is the Rotary International Foundation (TRF) it provides these grants which require collaboration with Rotary Clubs in the project country.
Most projects are brought to the Committee by a member who observes and develops a passion about a humanitarian problem or need in one of the Six Areas of Focus:   Peace and Conflict Resolution,   Disease Prevention and Treatment,   Water and Sanitation,   Maternal and Child health, Basic Education and Literacy, and Economic and Community Development.
If you have a project or idea that you would like Parker Rotary to consider, in addition to the projects on this website, please contact any member of the International Service Committee.  Our club has many rewarding International Service projects, and we encourage you to explore some of them as you seek opportunities to serve!