What you get out of the Rotary Club of Parker depends largely on what you put into it.  Our membership expectations are designed to help members more fully participate in and enjoy their Rotary experience.
Here are some of our key membership expectations:
Attend weekly meetings regularly
As a fellowship and service organization, Rotarians count on one another to contribute their time to weekly meetings, committee work, and service events.  As a Rotarian, frequent attendance is a must.  
Participate in service projects and club committee work 
Our members share a key mission: to serve our community and those in need throughout the world.   To be a Rotarian, you must give of your time and talents: in community work, in social functions, and in Club and District Activities. Each Rotarian is expected to serve on at least one committee.  The Rotary Club of Parker is involved in a large number of service projects and programs that give our members many opportunities to get involved.
Provide financial support
Parker Rotary members have the following financial obligations:
  • a one-time initiation fee
  • quarterly dues
Members are also encouraged to contribute to both the Foundation of the Rotary Club of Parker and the Rotary [International] Foundation.  Follow the links for more information on the Foundation of the Rotary Club of Parker or the Rotary Foundation.