Rotary has partnered with organizations around the world since 1988 in an attempt to completely eradicate the disease polio from the world.  We have gotten tantalizingly close, but the last push is going to take an all-out effort for a few more years.  The October 2022 issue of Rotary magazine has an excellent article summarizing the progress that we have made and explaining some of the recent stumbling blocks that have cropped up.  But Rotary maintains its commitment to pursuing the achievable goal of eradicating polio completely.

One of the best ways YOU can contribute to this effort is by making a donation to PolioPlus.  The attached chart presented by Mike Oldham and John Huffaker from Rotary magazine shows how the funds have been used.  District 5450 has gone a step further by encouraging all of us to join the PolioPlus Society, committing to donate $100 a year until the world is certified polio-free by the World Health Organization.  Click here to download the information on the PolioPlus Society.